Heritage Vehicle Restorers

One Stop Air Shop has for many years supplied specialised compressed air and hydraulic equipment, hose assemblies and fittings to many local companies engaged in rebuilding, refurbishing and maintaining heritage and historic vehicles, buses and motor racing cars.

We have sponsored, with small compressors and drills, lots of rivets to remove, several projects with Brooklands Museum including the Wellington Bomber, Concord and a Hurricane Fighter, mostly built locally in Kingston upon Thames transported to Brooklands and flown out.

Supplying many local Classic Car Restoration companies, Vintage Bus Restorers, as well as all types of Specialist car repairers.OSAS also advises on suitable Compressors and Air Distribution systems, Condensate Management, Air Tools and Ancillaries. Please call our Sales Office on 01932 348777 or email us for more info at sales@osas-ltd.co.uk